Identify Your Money Archetype, presented by Paycor 11:30am EST Join us for our Challenge for Change monthly event series presented by Paycor.  
This series aims to help attendees build financial IQ while hosting a space where people can create new alliances with people, outside of their company, through meaningful conversations.  All events are open to men and women, they are not skewed to women in particular.

Our April event will feature SheMoolah, an organization who is reinventing the relationship between money and the women who make it.
Understanding and joining forces with your money archetype, or money personality, will bring new riches and a fulfilled life
We will walk through how each personality type deals specifically with budgeting and money details, ending the evening with a light-hearted view of their money personalities that increases curiosity around accumulation/spending/investing for the future.

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April: Identify Your Money Archetype with SheMoolah
Explore your relationship to money with a self-awareness about your approach to money and how you govern your financial life. Archetypes.

May: Your Money Story with Fifth Third Private Bank
The lifecycle of finance: 1) getting organized 2) wealth accumulation + growth 3) retirement + wealth preservation 4) legacy planning.

June: The Abundance vs. Scarcity Mindset
Benchmarking + asking for what you need. Experts share their top tips on approaching life and business with an abundance mindset.

July: Financial Planning 101
What to focus on first and how to build a plan with higher impact and more profitable results.

August: Building a Budget
The right budget can make or break your financial goals. We’ll use a shareable template and talk through the logic of what a good budget accounts for, where the flexibility is built into it, and approaches for budgeting effectively when you share finances with a partner.

Note: By RSVPing for this event you will be added to the full Challenge for Change event series. Simply decline the events you do not wish to attend.